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Terri Shultz, Executive Director

“I love that fact that I work with a wonderful organization and extraordinary people who are so committed to bettering the lives of those in need.”

Roy Saylor, Construction Manager

“I have great respect for the people that make up Habitat for Humanity, and for the members of the community that help Habitat with that mission. It is very refreshing to see people whose objectives are not for personal gain, but focused on how to give others a hand up. Watching a family working in the building of their own home, seeing the community assist with financial aid and volunteer help, and seeing the families receive the keys for their new home, are all wonderful and rewarding feelings.”

Megan Hutchings, Volunteer Coordinator

“I love working for an organization that not only serves individual families but also the community as a whole. I feel very blessed to utilize my God given talents to build the kingdom of heaven here on earth. While we serve locally we also make an impact on the global mission.”

Lamyai Savely, Bookkeeper

“I am more than glad to be employed by Habitat for Humanity. I feel that I can be employed and still be able to help my community and others in their daily endeavors. I thank God for allowing me to have the skills to be able to help such a ministry that spreads the gospel and helps the needy to have the best adequate shelter and bring people together in Christian love.”