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We Build Futures for Families

We help stop the cycle of poverty that so many of these families have endured.

Compared to renters, children of homeowners are...

⇒ 25% more likely to graduate from high school;

⇒ 116% more likely to graduate from college;

⇒ 20% less likely to become teenage mothers;

⇒ and 59% more likely to own their own home when they become adults.

We help stop the cycle of poverty that so many of these families have endured.

We Build Stronger Communities

Homeownership creates a sense of pride.

Compared to renters, homeowners are...

⇒  28% more likely to improve their homes;

⇒  10% more likely to report that they have helped solve local problems;

⇒  16% more likely to belong to a parent-teacher organization and get involved in local schools;

⇒  11% more likely to know who represents them in Congress;

⇒  and 15% more likely to vote!

Home is the Key

Throughout the month of April, Habitat and select national partners will focus on the fundamental housing issues in the United States, calling national attention to the need for affordable housing and raising funds to drive lasting change.

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We believe that home is the foundation for our lives, and it should provide an atmosphere of contentment and calm where individuals can thrive. Everyone deserves a safe, affordable place to call home.

Yet for many families in the United States, the concept of home seems out of reach. Often, this is a result of families living in inadequate conditions or paying rent beyond their means. Home has become a place that families need to escape from, rather than escape to.

When we join together to provide access to decent housing opportunities, the effects can be felt across entire communities.  After all, it takes a thriving community of people to build thriving neighborhoods. You are touching the lives of real people working toward strength, stability and self-reliance.

Throughout the month of April, Habitat will be highlighting the need for affordable housing and raise funds to make lasting change in our community. Habitat homeowners work alongside volunteers, painting walls, pounding nails and pay an affordable mortgage. Your donation today will help us to unlock the future for local families in our community.

How Can You Get Involved?

Click here to DONATE NOW – Your donation today will help us to unlock the future for families in your community.

Use the #HomeIsTheKey . Join us on social media and together spread the importance of affordable housing:




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