Resources for Food Assistance: 


“WIC is still operating during the COVID-19 pandemic! Do you have or need a WIC appointment? Services are being done by phone. Call your local County Health Department or 1-800-DIAL-WIC.”

Murfreesboro City Schools

Murfreesboro City Schools has almost 40 sites across the city that its CHOW buses are visiting each day.  The schedule and locations can be found at under the Home to School connection or at  The buses serve children 18 and under—and they do not have to be city residents.  In addition, the SROs are following the buses and handing out books.  Finally, on Friday, backpacks of weekend food are given out.


Free Meal Delivery to Your Door: For Children & Elders who cannot go outside their homes. This is a fixed delivery provided by our partner organizations. We will bring meals to their door steps. If you want to be added email:


Free Daily Warm Lunch Pickup: “We will provide and distribute daily warm lunches at Nourish Food Bank (1809 Memorial Blvd) from 11am to 3pm while supplies last. PICK UP FREE MEALS DURING ABOVE TIMES AT NOURISH.”

COVID-19 Tips, Mental Health and Virus Protection

 Good Morning America – DIY Masks

Protecting your face during the pandemic with DIY masks. NOTE: If you use these, you must be careful when you remove the mask (it may have the virus on the outer surface) AND sterilize it before putting it back on. You can spray it with appropriate disinfectant or put in the microwave for 1 minute (if it’s microwave safe – ie: no metals or material that would melt)

How-To DIY Face Masks & PPE:

How-to video from Deaconess Hospital of Evansville, Indiana

Joann Stores is offering free kits to make masks at some of their stores. They are dedicated to making 100 million masks for medical personnel as well as gowns and other greatly needed PPE.

How-to instructions:

Good Morning America – How to  Safely Grocery Shop

Here are ways customers can shop safely at grocery stores – and how to sanitize your groceries when you get home.

Good Morning America – Tips for Mental Health, Mindfulness and Managing Social Distancing

There are several apps that make it easy to stay in better metal health and mindfulness.

Tips to manage social distancing, anxiety & loneliness:

Supporting Your Local Businesses

When it comes to a crisis, small businesses are often impacted the most. Here are some ways you can shop small and support your community from home.

How to Coronavirus-Proof Your Home

Life under coronavirus means staying at home as much as possible — but you’ll likely need to make a trip to the grocery store or pharmacy at some point. Download or print this tip sheet to make sure you don’t bring the virus back home with you.

General Living, Family and Working at Home Tips:

How to give yourself a home manicure:

How to refresh your hair color at home:

Tips to work from home with your spouse & family:

Tips for cutting & styling men’s hair at home:

Organize your work from home set up:

How to clean your home:

How to host a virtual birthday party:

Local, State & Federal Resources for Health, Safety, Jobs & More

 Tennessee Department of Health

“Aren’t feeling well and believe you need to be tested for COVID-19? First, CALL YOUR DOCTOR! If an assessment cannot be done by phone visit one of these locations for an in-person test. Tennessee Department of Health updates this list daily. Be healthy, ya’ll!”

Tennessee Department of Human Services

The Tennessee Department of Human Services will be issuing Emergency Pandemic TANF, which is an emergency cash assistance program for those impacted by COVID-19. Emergency Pandemic TANF will utilize existing Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) funds.

To qualify, a family must: Have children in the household, be at or below the 85th percentile of the State Median Income (below approximately $52,000 a year for a family of three), and be able to show they are impacted by COVID-19 (e.g., job loss due to employer closure for COVID-19).

The emergency benefits will be available to families in the following amounts: For a family of 1-2, $500; for a family of 3-4, $750; for a family of 5+, $1000.  These benefits will be available for up to two months.

TDHS encourages Tennesseans in need to apply online when the application becomes available at order to encourage social distancing.

Tennessee Department of Labor

For information and updates regarding unemployment, please visit

When a Tennessee business closes to help slow the spread of the virus and temporarily has to lay off employees, those workers can collect unemployment benefits, if they meet other eligibility requirements.  If you are quarantined by your doctor, an executive order from Governor Bill Lee allows you to receive unemployment benefits if all other eligibility requirements are met.

Jobs & Employment Information

Information on job opportunities, resume help and forecasts:

Many companies are looking for help now including online product suppliers, shipping & delivery companies, factories, retail grocery stores,restaurants with take-out and delivery and more! Good luck!


“Know the facts about COVID-19. Don’t share rumors & unintentionally spread misinformation. Federal, state & local governments are posting current and accurate information. For help in distinguishing rumor from fact, see FEMA Coronavirus Rumor Control:”

Mid Cumberland and Community Action

We have funds available to help with lights, water, and rent. Even though our office lobby is closed, we are still open to serve clients. We also have food boxes available to those who are low income, live in public housing or receive social security income until March 31, 2020. Our office is open M-F 8am-4:30pm. The public can call our office at 615-898-8938 or they can email to set up a time to receive food boxes/services or they can come to the office and knock on our door. They can also go to our website to print off an application for utility or rent services. Food boxes do not need an application filled out. 

Visit Music City COVID-19 Resources

Tons of information and resources for Nashville and Middle Tennessee:

Resources for Advice, Financial Assistance & Grants for Businesses:

 State of Tennessee 

Beginning March 26th, residents of Tennessee whose jobs have been affected by COVID-19 will be able to apply for Emergency Cash Assistance. The link below is the press release and it includes the website to apply online. Applications will be online only.…/financial-aid-available-for-certain-fa…

 Tennessee Department of Human Services

“Did you know you can apply for Child Care Payment Assistance/Smart Steps online without having to go to our office? You can submit your application and verifications online. Just visit our website… to learn more and then apply here.”

 CARES Act Relief

There are currently 2 CARES Act relief options:

Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) – This is a low interest loan with little to no origination fees ($0 fees for loans less than $25,000 and $100 fee for those greater than $25,000).  This loan also carries a 6 month differed payment.  There is also a $10,000 portion of this loan that is forgivable based on the usage of those funds.  This is a loan direct from SBA (not through your bank!).  Application is in the link below.  This is something you can apply for immediately!

Payment Protection Program (PPP) – This is also a low interest loan that carries no origination fees.  This loan also has a 6 month differed payment schedule.  This loan however can be 100% forgivable! This loan is made through your SBA certified banking institution.  See details in the link below.

Small Business Association 

EIDL U.S. Department of Treasury –  – This is for the PPP Avenues to get live questions answered and listen to others FAQ’s about EIDL or PPP:

Daily SBA Call about COVID-19 @ 3pm / Toll Number: 1-415-655-0003 / Access Number: 617 983 543. TONS of CURRENT info on this call.

Number to call to get specific questions answered about your specific situations regarding your business and the CARES Act: 800-659-2955 (24 hours – may be best to call in off hours.

Keeping Your Small Business Afloat & General Budgeting and Investments

Tips from Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary:

Information for Event Promoters & Groups

Financial Information and Loans – for  Event Promoters & Groups:

More Information about COVID-19, Event Guidance:

Keeping Your Small Business Going During a Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way we all do business, and having a particularly strong impact on small businesses. We’re all learning how to be flexible, imaginative, and resilient — the best traits a small business owner can have, besides tenacity.

Spanks’ Red Backpack Fund – Grants for Female Entrepreneurs

Spanx and The Spanx by Sara Blakely Foundation have been dedicated to elevating and supporting women through entrepreneurship. Knowing the ripple effect that empowering women can have to strengthen neighborhoods, cities and countries, The Spanx by Sara Blakely Foundation donated $5 million to support female entrepreneurs in the wake of COVID-19 and teamed up with GlobalGiving to establish the Red Backpack Fund. GlobalGiving will be overseeing the fund, making 1,000 grants of $5,000 each to female entrepreneurs in the U.S. to help alleviate the immediate needs and support the long-term recovery of those impacted by this crisis.

Resources for Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault  & Suicide Help:

Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee

“We’re offering a lifeline for overwhelmed moms with young kids, and it’s all done by text”

Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault & Elder Abuse

In times of heightened stress,  domestic violence, child and elder abuse can become more severe and even deadly. Without the presence of other people in a victim’s life, the chances that someone will notice a serious problem or risk are limited. Experts are seeing a huge spike in domestic violence cases and calls for help. DVSA offices are  closed to onsite traffic but open for calls and assistance: The crisis lines are available 24/7 as always and we will continue to protect victims, prevent violence, and empower survivors through this difficult time.
Domestic Violence Crisis Line (615) 896-2012
Sexual Assault Crisis Line (615) 494-9262


Suicide Prevention

Loneliness, anxiety, depression, financial distress, and hopelessness are all heightened during a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been a number of suicides in Tennessee and around the country and experts want to reach potential victims.. If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or reach out to the Tennessee Statewide Crisis Line at 855-274-7471. Crisis text line: Text TN to 741741.

Psychology Today

“Staying at home saves lives but comes at great risk for those who live with someone who may become violent. Our 24/7 #DomesticViolence helpline is fully operational & staffed 24/7, just call 1-800-356-6767. We are here if you need us”